11:30 a.m.
Theatre Ideal Cinema

Paco Paricio, direction

Christmas altarpiece
(Didactic show with puppets, early music and traditional instruments)

This altarpiece is our Bethlehem’s manger. You already know the story. The music includes popular Aragonese carols which are sung and played with whistle, chicotén, horn, and tambourine, among other instruments. Instead of figures, puppets appear; you will see the good shepherd, the selfish innkeeper, the Virgin and the Child, the mischievous devils and the splendid Three Wise Men.


Pascua del Nacimiento
(Aurora of Christmas from Naval)

Madre en la puerta hay un niño
(Christmas romance which is popular throughout Spain)

Venid pastores / Un june pastre somelhava
(Villancico from Laspaúles and popular Occitan theme)

L’infantó no vol callar, instrumental
(Romance from Peñarroya de Tastavins)

Retablo de Navidad
(Popular theme from Sariñena, Robres and Castejón de Monegros)

Los pastores de Belén / Jota de San Juan de Plan
(Villancico from Lanaja and melody from San Juan de Plan)

Entre el buey y la mula
(Villancico from Pallaruelo de Monegros)

Duration: 60’

Paco Paricio, puppeteer and director
Ángel Vergara, recorder and tamborino, viola braguesa, clarinetino, chirimía, dulzaina de llaves, balafón
Eva Paricio, puppeteer and voices
Roberto Aquilué, puppeteer and percussion

Titiriteros de Bínefar. El Retablo de Navidad. Teatro del Mercado. Zaragoza. Diciembre. 2015.

Titiriteros de Binéfar. This group has more than 40 years of experience in performing with puppets in the streets, plazas, theatres, tents, pavilions, and a thousand other locations. Their performances are intended to be of interest to everyone, both children and adults. They have published ten albums and eleven books and we have created over forty shows which have received awards and recognitions. In 2009 they were awarded with the “Premio Nacional de Teatro para la Infancia y la Juventud”, and in 2018 they received the “Medalla al Mérito professional” awarded by the Government of Aragon.