The organization of scholarly activities in parallel to the cycles of concerts provides the Festival with a scientific character. Although the FeMAUB has been celebrated since 1997, these academic activities were incorporated in 2001 and their presence has been intensified in the latest editions. The theme of these activities is similar to that of the main cycle of concerts and their typology has varied widely (performance practice and musicology courses, conferences, meetings, and lectures). They have brought together hundreds of professors who are experts in those particular subjects and came from around twenty European and American countries. These academic activities have set the foundations for a solid training in the early music field, deepening on the varied facets of the Spanish and Latin American music from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, taking into consideration both practical and theoretical aspects. The "Antonio Machado" campus of the UNIA constitutes and excellent framework for the meeting of specialists and the updating of the topics discussed.

The scholarly activities that have been developed are as follows:





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