From its beginnings, and with special intensity in the last editions, the FeMAUB has been collaborating with different groups and entities to record and spread some of the programs that are presented each year. From the start there existed close collaboration between the Center for Musical Documentation of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía) and its record series "Documentos Sonoros del Patrimonio Musical de Andalucía". In recent years, the collaboration opened up to new labels and groups. Since the FeMAUB does not have its own record label, these collaborations promote the festival's original aim of working on the recovery, transcription, and study of early music. Some of the projects have been conceived and promoted by FeMAUB itself; others have been carried out —and sometimes financed— by the performers, including works performed at the Festival before or soon after the publication of the recording.

These projects of high artistic and scientific interest are focused on the recovery of the musical heritage preserved in Andalusian and Latin American archives, using the latest methodologies in musical edition and performance. The recording prioritizes the choice of natural acoustics in order to provide the music with a historical element and to increase the audience's enjoyment. They also are careful with regard to the contents of the libretto and include explanatory liner notes written by recognized specialists. The aim is to overcome the topical image of Spanish music and to recover outstanding figures of early Hispanic music whose work has been neglected.

A selection of recording that include programs of musical heritage recovery performed at the FeMAUB is listed bellow.

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