Ubeda & Baeza Early Music Festival 2021

13/11ÚbedaSeville Baroque Orchestra (opening concert)Fixed price: 12 €
18/11BaezaInternational Concert “Musicology in transition”Previous registration (sedem.es)
20/11BaezaAcademia de los Nocturnos, Capella Prolationum and Ensemble La DanseryeFree
21/11ÚbedaOrchestra and choir of the University of JaénFree
24/11BaezaPuppeteers of Binéfar (Didactic FeMAUB)Tickets agreed with schools
25/11ÚbedaPuppeteers of Binéfar (Didactic FeMAUB)Tickets agreed with schools
25/11ÚbedaGroup of guitars and double basses of the Úbeda Conservatory (Social FeMAUB)Residence members
27/11ÚbedaGroup of guitars and double basses of the Úbeda Conservatory (Social FeMAUB)Members and patients of the County Hospital
27/11ÚbedaPresentation of the 3-CD album in the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the FeMAUBFree
28/11BaezaReal Capilla del PópuloFree
4/12ÚbedaMartín Llade’s lectureFree
4/12ÚbedaMúsica Boscareccia10 €
4/12ÚbedaAccademia del Piacere12 €
POSTPONED BaezaPresentation of the book in the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the FeMAUBFree
5/12BaezaMiguel Bonal10 €
5/12BaezaLa Galanía12 €
6/12BaezaSyntagma Musicum (FeMAUB at the streets)Outdoor
6/12BaezaMonica MelcovaFree
6/12ÚbedaAndalusí Orchestra of the Mediterranean10 €
6/12ÚbedaOfficium Ensemble12 €
7/12ÚbedaSyntagma Musicum (FeMAUB at the streets)Outdoor
7/12ÚbedaGuillermo Fernández Rodríguez-Escalona’s lectureFree
7/12BaezaForma Antiqva10 €
7/12BaezaLa Grande Chapelle12 €
7/12ÚbedaJosé Hernández PastorFree
10/12BaezaAlbéniz Quartet from Prosegur (Heritage Cities Group)Free
11/12ÚbedaIñaki AlberdiFree
12/12ÚbedaNicolás Margarit (Heritage Cities Group)Free

All the concerts of the Early Music Festival “Andrés de Vandelvira” (provincial circuits) are free until seating capacity is reached.


SPECIAL PROMOTIONS (only on sale at the ticket office)

– Members of cultural and musical associations:

  • Accademia del Piacere, La Galanía, Officium Ensemble and La Grande Chapelle: 10 €.
  • Música Boscareccia, Miguel Bonal, Andalusí Orchestra of the Mediterranean and Forma Antiqua: 8€.  

– Under 26 and above 65 years old: fixed price of5€.

– University tier: unique price of 5€ for members of the university community who demonstrate properly their association with the University of Jaén, the International University of Andalusia and the center associated to the UNED in the province of Jaén. 

IMPORTANT REMARK: Those members of the university community who are interested in being eligible for the “University tier” promotion must notify it by 12 November sending an electronic message from their institutional account (@ujaen.es, @unia.es, @uned.es) to festivalubedaybaeza@gmail.com, indicating name, surname and department / service / or degree. A confirmation will be sent from the email of the ticket office. The ticket will be collected on the day of the concert during the ticket office’s opening hours. ID identification (DNI, university card, university enrolment receipt) is requested. Sending this email does not involved the obligation to attend the concerts of the Festival, and its only aim is to expedite the sale process at the ticket office.

Special promotions require the presentation of supporting documentation. These discounts are only applicable on sale at the ticket office.

These discounts are non-cumulative. These are not applicable to the opening concert on 13 November.

These prices will be increased by the management fees in Internet and ticket office purchases.


Via email: festivalubedaybaeza@gmail.com

Online sale: www.festivalubedaybaeza.org

Advance sale points:

BAEZA. Phone: 953 744 370 (office hours)

Pópulo Servicios Turísticos, Plaza de los Leones, 1. 

ÚBEDA. Phone: 953 758 150 (office hours)

Artificis, Calle Baja de El Salvador, 2.

Information and ticket reservation:

Seturja, Calle Baja de El Salvador, 2, Úbeda.
Phone: 953 108 310 (ticket office)

Informative note

  • The organization of the Festival reserves the right to modify any performance of this program by reason of force majeure or if circumstances require so.
  • Video recording, photographs or filming are not allowed without the required authorization of the organizers.
  • The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the auditorium rooms. Please, turnyourphone off in advance.
  • The ticket office of each venue will open an hour before the performance for the collection and sale of tickets (subject to availability).
  • Doors will open half an hour before the beginning of the concert.
  • The rules on this section might be modified due to organizational reasons.
  • Numbered seats (only for payment concerts).
  • The concerts will take place in accordance with the COVID-19 security rules that are in effect at the date and town of the concert, if applicable.