11:30 a.m.

Montemar Theatre & Ideal Cinema Theatre




The magical world of unusual instruments


The main objective of this funny and educational concert is to invite students to undertake a wonderful trip through the different rhythms and melodies of Spanish popular music, transmitting values on the reuse, the poverty, the imagination and the importance of knowing our traditions using some of the most incredible instruments in the history of music. This concert is an opportunity to learn, smile, and value the things that unite humans, such as music, one of the most powerful tools for living together in harmony.


Fetén Fetén (2009-)
Jota del Wasabi, violin

Vente que hacemos merienda cena, accordion

Pasodoble huesudo, flutes

Xuco de Abacaxi

Pobreza, sample of percussion instruments

Por el puente de Aranda, flute chair

Charrada de Bercimuelle, recogedor o recogeval

Muiñeira, bagpipes

Fetén Fetén
Mira terra no corazón, zanfona

Vals para Amelia, saw

Muestra, theremin

Jota de Aranda, dance

Fetén Fetén
He visto un oso en los Cárpatos, farewell

Duration: 60’

Coordination with schools: Virginia Sánchez López

Jorge Arribas, accordion, flutes, bagpipes, recogeval and theremin
Diego Galaz, violin, saw and zanfona


Fetén Fetén. This is much more than the musical project of Jorge Arribas and Diego Galaz, it’s the language of the soul in harmony. The first notes were heard in 2009 and were born from the necessity of these two musicians from Burgos to soundtrack their influences and memories. They are two lovers of unusual instruments and, in addition to the more conventional ones, in their performances we can hear the saw, trumpet violin, flute camping chair or the recogeval. Their compositions guide us through dance rhythms such as fox-trot, waltz, chotis, seguidillas or habaneras. Four studio albums and extensive national and international tours are behind the trajectory of this unusual band.