12:00 p.m.

Hall and floor rooms of the Hospital of San Juan de la Cruz


José Gregorio Trujillo Paredes, conductor


Music to heal

No one disputes the fact that music is able to brighten our lives, but nowadays we aim to go beyond. As part of the Social Cycle of the FeMAUB, the concert “Music to Heal” wants the audience to experiment the authentic catharsis already theorized by the Greek. This involves using music in a healing process, in order to recover from diseases in a quicker and more efficient way. This concert is addressed at a very special audience, mainly patients in the hospital of San Juan de la Cruz. For the second time, the FeMAUB gets close to communities who, due to health problems or social exclusion, are not able to go to an auditorium. Our ultimate purpose is that, hopefully, this concert helps improving the physical or psychological health of the audience.


Hans Zimmer (b.1957) – Stephen Schwartz (b.1948)
Si tienes fé (OST El príncipe de Egipto)

Bruno Coulais (b.1954)
Caresse sur l’ocean (OST Los chicos del coro)

Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)

Edwin Hawkins (1943-2018) – Edward Rimbault (1816-1876)
Oh Happy Day

Los Campanilleros, arm. Carlos Santana Montoya

Coro Los Canasteros (b.1986)
Las flores más bellas

Un Dios sin fronteras

Víctor Nájera Sánchez (b.1975)
Potpourri Nuestra Navidad

Duration: 45’


Servicio Andaluz de Salud

Rocío Alba, Paola Baeza, Rafaela Cárdenas, Nerea Catena, Ainara Catena, Linarejos Granados, Mª del Mar García, Mª Luisa Gómez, Bernardina López, Ana Gallardo, María López, Mª Nieves Moreno, Alba Moreno, Celia Armijo, Carla Arboledas, Julia Ferriz, Esperanza Montoro and Sandra Campos, sopranos
Mónica Álvarez, Ana Belén Maldonado, Natalia Visiedo, Marta Andrés, Melanny Dávalos, Dolores Espejo, Elena Fernández, Nuria Gámez, Enma Garijo, Lucía Godoy, Leticia López and Carmen Martínez, altos
Diego Berja, Francisco Galán, Manuel Gámez, Adrián Gámez, Domingo Jurado, Juan Antonio Moreno, Marco Rodríguez, Javier Catena, Mario Baeza and Pedro Gallardo, tenors
Juan Carlos Arboledas, Ismael Berja, Ramón Murillo, Miguel Ángel Crespo and Alberto Cruz, basses

Paloma Muriel and Elena Ramírez, flutes
Gema Quílez and Teresa Quílez, oboe
José Miguel Martínez, clarinet
Francisco Hidalgo, horn
José Alberto Mondéjar and Juan Rodríguez, trumpets
Matilde Román and Alberto García, trombons
Jesús Berja, percussion
Inés María Heras, piano
Daniel Torres and María Córdoba, violins
Manuel Jimena and Javier García, viola
Paula Armijo, violoncello
Sebastián Pérez, doublebass

José Gregorio Trujillo Paredes, conductor


Jose Gregorio Paredes,directorJosé Gregorio Trujillo Paredes, conductor. Natural of Linares (Jaén), he finishes his studies in guitar at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Cordoba under the direction of Miguel Barberá, obtaining an honorary mention. He also studied History and Sciences of Music at the University of Granada. In January 2006, his extensive experience in choral singing led him to found the Choir and Orchestra MusicAlma. He is currently a permanent music teacher at the I.E.S. Santa Engracia in Linares.

Choir and Orchestra MusicAlma. MusicAlma was created in the Basilica of Santa María la Mayor in Linares in 2006, becoming the official choir and orchestra of this church. The group has become a referent for sacred music, performing in relevant ceremonies, such as the appointment of the bishop of Jaén in 2016 or the beatification of the twentieth-century Martyrs in Almería in 2017. They have performed at Baeza Cathedral and in canon coronations. In a secular context, MusicAlma has performed at the UNIA in Baeza, the New Theatre Infanta Leonor in Jaén, and the Andrés Segovia Foundation, among other venues. They have also participated in music festivals such as the thirteenth International Festival “Ciudad de La Carolina” (Jaén).