12.00 p.m.
Associated Centre of the UNED

MARTÍN LLADE, journalist and writer

The music told

In this conference Martín Llade, conductor of Sinfonía de la mañana on Radio Clásica, invites us to delve into the art of storytelling through music and to approach some of the masterpieces of the repertoire from the yearnings and vicissitudes of those who conceived them. Thus, some fragments of stories already broadcast in the programme will be used, such as those relating to the confinement of Richard the Lionheart, the capture of Antequera or the death of Alfonso X “The Wise”, illustrated with the music to which they gave rise. The importance of both oral and musical tradition will also be analysed, which has made it possible to preserve, with different variations, creations that have survived the passing of the centuries, as is the case of the romances. One of the examples to be presented will be that of the warrior maiden, a romance with many versions in our country and existing in practically all the cultures of the world.To round off this event, the audience will be invited to propose a series of themes, one of which will then be drawn by lot, on which Martín Llade will proceed to write a story in the hall, which will then be read to those present.

Martín Llade, journalist and writer. Born in San Sebastián in 1976. With a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the UPV, he joined Radio Clásica de Radio Nacional de España in 2007. In 2014 he began presenting Sinfonía de la mañana, which in 2016 won the Ondas Award for best presenter and radio programme. As a result, he published the book-disc Sinfonías de la mañana with the best stories about composers with which he has been opening his programme for seven years. The success of this edition would lead to a second part. He also publishes stories about musicians, in a surrealist vein, in the magazine Scherzo. Since 2018 he has been presenting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s Concert for TVE.  He is the author of the novel Lo que nunca sabré de Teresa (2021) as well as the libretto of the cantata Juan Sebastián Elcano (2018) with music by Gabriel Loidi, broadcast by TVE. He also collaborates with RNE’s El ojo crítico.