6:30 p.m.

Day centre “Vela de Almazán”


José Ramón Jódar, guitar, voice and conductor


Sound crossbreeding: round trip verses between Spain and the New World


At concert rooms, theatres or outdoor spaces, the group Charanda performs Latin American folk music in order to show the rich Latin American musical heritage and disseminate it among wider audiences. They bring to live Latin American songs that form part of our collective memory, combining the timbre of stringed musical instruments that are typical of Spain with those belonging to the American folklore. In this way, a crossbreeding sound is created, symbolising the cultural and musical union between Spain and the countries on the other side of the Atlantic.


Osvaldo Farrés (1902-1985)
Quizás, quizás

Alfredo Gil (1915-1999)

Chucho Navarro (1913-1993) – Pedro Flores (1894-1979) – Carlos Eleta Almarán (1918-2013)
Potpourri by Los Panchos
Lo dudoPerdónHistoria de un amor

Isolina Carrillo (1907-1996)
Dos gardenias

Álvaro Carrillo (1919-1969)
Sabor a mí

Aguinaldo Margariteño, popular from Venezuela

Félix Luna (1925-2009) – Ariel Ramírez (1921-2010)
Los Reyes Magos

Armando Manzanero (b.1935)
Potpourri NoEsta tarde vi llover

José Alfredo Jiménez (1926-1973)
Si nos dejan

Nico Jiménez (1919-1959) – Bobby Capó (1921-1989)
Potpourri EspinitaPiel canela

Rafael López González (1907-1979)
La Sitiera

Compay Segundo (1907-2003) – Ñico Saquito (1901-1982)
Potpourri El camisón de PepaMaría Cristina

Sergio Siaba (1915-1989)
El cuarto de Tula

Duration: 60’

Agustín Nogueras, guitar, requinto and soloist voice
Rodrigo Cañadillas, Mexican guitar and soloist voice
Óscar Martínez, lute and voice
Francisco Javier Pérez, bandurria, lute, Puerto Rican cuatro and voice
José Raúl Peñas, charango, Venezuelan cuatro, guitar, percussion and voice
Manuel Mula, percussion and voice
Jesús Martínez, trumpet
Fernando Delgado, percussion
José Ramón Jódar, guitar, voice and conductor

Coordination: Virginia Sánchez López


Charanda. Charanda is the meeting point of nine different stories linked by music and friendship. The group was created in Jaén in the summer of 2007, as a solidarity project. They have reinforced their identity through the organisation of several editions of FestiBolero, as well as Christmas events at cathedrals, basilicas and theatres. This group also develops research and offers didactic concerts and musical workshops. Their first recording project, entitled Charanda canta a la Navidad, was published in 2015. Their repertoire, which brings together the folklore of the Canary Islands and Latin American music has been included in several editions of the Festival de Otoño in Jaén, the Festival del Bolero in Mancha Real, the Festival de Música Antigua de Úbeda y Baeza, and the Festival de las Culturas in Gran Canaria.