1:00 p.m.

UNED, Associated Centre


Ten centuries of instrumental music through the recorder
(performance lecture)

Alejandro Villar proposes an exciting journey throughout the history of Western music playing the recorder. The concert consists of ten pieces (one for each century) carefully selected from the huge repertoire for solo recorded preserved. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to approach the different modal and tonal languages of music throughout the course of history. This ambitious tour, concentrated in a one-hour concert, gives us the possibility to observe first-hand the evolution of Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical-romantic and contemporary music.


Raimbaut de Vaqueiras (fl.1180-1205)
Kalenda Maya (12th c.)

French Anonymous
Tierche Estampie Roial (13th c.)
(Chansonnier du Roi, Paris, Bibliothèque National, ms. 844)

Italian Anonymous
Chominciamento di gioia (14th c.)
(London, British Library, add. 29987)

Italian Anonymous
Without title n. 42 (15th c.)
(Codex Faenza, Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale, 117)

Diego Ortiz (1510-1570)
Recercada primera (1553)
(Trattado de Glosas sobre Clausulas y otros generos de puntos en la Musica de Violones nuevamente puestos en luz, Rome, 1553)

Jacob van Eyck (c.1590-1657)
Variations from Wat zalmen op den Avond doen (1646)
(Der Fluyten Lust-Hof, Amsterdam, 1644)

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
Fantasy n. 8 in E minor (1732)
(12 Fantaisies à traversière sans basse, TWV 40:2-13, Hamburg, 1732)

Narcisse Bousquet (c.1800-1869)
Caprice n. 12 (1864)

Louis Andriessen (b.1939)
Ende (1981)

Rodrigo F. Cádiz (b.1972)
eRecorder (2008)

Duration: 60’

Alejandro Villar, recorders

Alejandro Villar, recorders. He studied recorder at the Salamanca Conservatory of Music, finishing his degree with the highest marks and honours. He is the founder and director of the Medieval Music Ensemble Eloqventia, and a regular performer with groups such as Forma Antiqva, Le Concert des Nations, and Accademia del Piacere. He has presented concerts at some of the most prestigious European Early Music festivals in Ambronay, Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Ravenna, Prague, Halle, Seville, Potsdam, and so on. He has recorded music pieces for Sony Classical, Winter&Winter, Cantus and Arsis, and is a recorder teacher at the Professional Conservatory of Gijon.