8:00 p.m.

Theater of the Merced


Fernando Pérez Valera, director


Ministriles novohispanos: Works of manuscript 19 from
Puebla de los Ángeles Cathedral


The presence of wind bands in New Spain in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries is documented from the very arrival of Hernán Cortés to the mainland. Musicians with shawms, sackbouts, cornetts, dulcians or recorders constitute this singular set of wind instruments, which had a fundamental role in both sacred and secular contexts. The concert focuses on a selection of works contained in the Ms. 19 of polyphony preserved in the Cathedral of Puebla (Mexico). This is a compilation of works by important Spanish and European composers such as Francisco Guerrero, Rodrigo de Ceballos, Philippe Rogier, Orlande de Lassus, and Clément Jannequin, among others.


Works in the vernacular (I): songs and madrigals
Philippe Rogier (c.1560-1596)
Canción (5vv)

Pedro Rimonte (1565-1627)
Madrigal Mi ausencia (4vv)

Madrigal En este fértil monte (4vv)

Juan Navarro (c.1530-1580)
Madrigal Sobre una peña (4vv)

Clément Jannequin (c.1485-desp.1558)
Song Batalla (4vv)

Liturgical works (I): excerpts from masses mand motets
Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599)
Benedictus (3vv)

Motet Gloriose confessor (4vv)

Motet Iste Sanctus (4vv)

Motet Pie pater Hieronime (5vv)

Liturgical works (II): hymns and verses
Versos de quinto tono (4vv)

Hernando Franco (c.1530-1585)
Hymn Monstra te esse matrem (4vv)

Hymn Arbor decora (4vv)

Rodrigo de Ceballos (c.1530-1581)
Hymn Nobis datus (5vv)

Works in the vernacular (II): songs and madrigals
Canción (4vv)

Rodrigo de Ceballos
Madrigal Dime, manso viento (4vv)

Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594)
Canción (5vv)

Thomas Crecquillon (c.1505/15-1557)
Canción (5vv)

Philippe Rogier
Canción (5vv)

Duration: 60’

Libro de Polifonía XIX, Catedral de Puebla de los Ángeles, México

Reading from facsimile reproduction of original manuscripts

Musicological project: Javier Marín López


Fernando Pérez Valera, cornett, sackbut, recorders and direction
Juan Alberto Pérez Valera, cornett, shawms, bajoncillos and recorders
Luis Alfonso Pérez Valera, sackbut and recorders
Eduardo Pérez Valera, dulcian, bajoncillos, shawms and recorders
Manuel Quesada Benítez, sackbut and recorders

Ensemble La Danserye. Was created in 1998 in Calasparra (Murcia, Spain) with the aim of researching, recreating and spreading the music and wind instruments since the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Baroque, focusing on the Renaissance period. La Danserye has taken part in numerous festivals and Early music series in Spain, France, Holland, Colombia and Mexico. Their members are committed to recovery the Spanish musical heritage through various projects like the first recording of music for wind bands in the New World (Choirbook XIX from Cathedral of Puebla, Mexico) published by the Spanish Society of Musicology in the collection The Hispanic Musical Heritage and the Manuscript 975 of the Manuel de Falla archive, in Granada (Lindoro label).